Kera Onglazes

Decorate already glazes and fired pieces and include these in your regular high-temperature firing. Fast drying formula allows multiple applications by brush, printing and spraying without running, bleeding or smudging from repeated handling. Water soluable base allows easy clean up/wash up of hands and equipment. Simple to correct or erase without the need of mineral turpentine or other solvents. Colours are fully intermixable to extend your colour range, blend colours and obtain exact shades. May also be air-brushed, sponged, marbeled or stenciled. Medium can be added to reduce the strength of the colour, whilst maintaining fast drying qualities and the ability to be printed, sprayed and brushed. Food safe use on food containing articles. Microwave and dishwaher safe. Instructions for use here

Key Benefits

For high temperature firing 1080-1250C. Decorate glazed, fired surfaces.

Food safe and dishwasher safe

No need for low third firing temperature – fire to normal gloss temperatures

All colours intermixable

Available in Black, White, Canary, Indigo, Verdant Green, Emerald Green, Blue Lagoon, Chilli, Sepia and Bright Red.

Fast drying

**Kera Onglaze Powders – High temperature/half tone for specialist printing also available

**See also the FastBright metallic range

Onglaze Brushing Chart

Kera Onglaze Brushing Colours

Kera Onglaze Brushing Starter Kit – an economical starter kit of all intermixable colours. Enough for a dinner set! 6 x 30mls – Black, White, Canary, Blue Lagoon, Bright Red, Emerald Green.