Product Storage, Safety and Handling


It is very important that glazes are not exposed to heat when stored. Sunlight and UV radiation cause breakdown of suspending mediums. Although this has no effect on the fired colour, problems will arise with the consistency of the paints when applied by brushing, dipping or spraying. Products SHOULD NOT be stored near kilns or heaters or in sunlight.

Safety and Handling

Determine if the product is food safe. This is particularly important when painting onto food and drink vessels.

A number of safety procedures should be followed at all times:

  • Wear a mask when spraying (this should be to standard AS1716)
  • Provide adequate ventilation
  • Wear gloves if you suffer from skin irritation
  • do not take internally; and do not smoke, eat or drink when in the work area


Nearly all Ceramic Glazes of Australia containers may be recycled. Refer to the base of the container for the appropriate code.